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By Naomi Linford
February 25, 2021

  We've got good news... In March, Spring and daylight savings officially start! So not only will your days get longer and brighter but all the beautiful spring blooms will start flowering.  Plus, there's a whole heap of other awareness days,...
By Naomi Linford
February 10, 2021

By Louise Greaves
February 03, 2021

In order to achieve a consistent look and feel for all your brand videos you need video brand guidelines. This is especially important if multiple different people create videos on behalf of your business. Having an agreed set of guidelines also...
By Naomi Linford
January 27, 2021

You did it! You made it though January! 😂 But seriously, give yourself a pat on the back, it was tough. However, good things are on the horizon. February is packed with fun events and excuses to treat friends, colleagues, your community and even...
By Naomi Linford
January 20, 2021

If you're already experimenting with Scribely Free or want to supercharge your video creation in 2021, here's why you should take the plunge and become a fully fledged Scribely Creator.  But, before we get into that, you might be thinking 'what...
By Louise Greaves
January 13, 2021

The animated GIF, a staple ingredient of memes the world over. But they need to be in your marketing toolkit too. A GIF is essentially a series of images that loop, but they’re oddly compelling. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves mesmerized by...