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10 ways to use animated video to boost your business

Published on: November 08, 2021

10 ways to use animated video to boost your business

Whether you're selling socks or financial services, video has the power to help businesses of all shapes and sizes connect with their audiences, attract new prospects and convert them into new sales. 

Really the question shouldn't be, "how can video support my business?", it's "how can't video support me?". There are almost limitless ways you can use animation to support your sales, marketing and retention activities. It's just a case of picking the right options for you. 

To get you started, here are 10 killer ideas for using video in your business πŸ™Œ P.S. To use the video templates mentioned in this blog and start creating your own animations, log into Scribely or create a free account today πŸ‘‡

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1. Tell the story of your business and how you solve customer problems

If nothing else, your business needs an explainer video. This is a video that tells your audience who you are, what you do and how you help your target customers. An explainer video not only answers the initial questions your audience will probably have but starts to show off your personality and intrigue prospective customers. 

You can see an example of this below. Our animated 'Telling your Story' template is the perfect structure to bring your message to life. Plus, with bold, fun colors and imagery it's hard to ignore! πŸ‘€

hot air balloon animation

2. Attract new audiences with helpful and engaging social media content

Next up, let's talk social media. Social media provides lots of opportunities to get in front of your existing audiences as well as attracting new interest and followers. But the key to hooking viewers in and holding their attention is having quality content that's entertaining, interesting or helpful. If you can tick all boxes that's some seriously strong content! 

But animations that work really well are infographics. They allow you to share insightful data and trends in visual ways that are easy to understand. Why not use our template to create your own πŸ‘‡

types of social media content that goes viral

3. Invite potential customers to events and webinars 

Once you've attracted new people to your business, it's key to keep them engaged until they're ready to buy. A great way to do this is with webinars and events. They provide an opportunity to share your knowledge, help customers with their problems and get closer to your prospective customers. 

But ensuring a great turnout isn't always as simple as it seems. That's where animation can help - ensure your invites can't be missed and all joining details are easy to find by sharing them in an animation like this πŸ‘‡

P.S. Don't forget you can add this animation to your emails by turning it into a GIF πŸŽ‰

live webinar invite animation

4. Show you're ahead of the curve

With access to insights and data that your customers probably don't, you're in a great position to share your perspective on the latest trends. This kind of insight can be irresistible to your audience, especially if you're offering tips and advice alongside it. 

Why not share your insights in a blog or article and use our template as your preview image to draw readers inπŸ‘‡

social media trends to watch in 2021

5. Show off your personality 

Now we know people don't just buy from businesses - they buy from people. So show off your personality and the faces behind the brand! Animation is the. perfect way to do this, especially if you and your colleagues are a little video shy.

With animation, there's no need to film yourself. You can either use photos or opt for cartoon characters to show off your style. The choice is yours! πŸ’•

about us social media story templateabout me quiz for social media storiesget in touch social media story template

6. Promote your offers and sales

Of course, one of the best ways to boost sales is by offering discounts or promotions on your products and services. With lots of holiday periods coming up from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Christmas, there are plenty of opportunities to give your customers the gift of money off. 

Shout about your promotions with eye-catching animations like this πŸ‘‡ This template is ready and waiting for you in Scribely - just log in to use it πŸ›

50% off for Black Friday banner

7. An animated business card that gets remembered

Now whether you're meeting new prospective clients in person at events or online, we think an animated business card is a whole lot more impressive than a slip of paper that will probably get lost. 

Plus, you're not restricted to what will fit on a tiny piece of card (no need for tiny fonts here!). With animation you can share a lot more information in a visual format so it's much easier to absorb. Plus, it looks pretty cool right 😎

animated business card

8. Celebrate your company growth and new starters 

Once you've won over customers, they're invested in you and your business. So showing off how your company is growing and evolving can build further confidence in your brand and encourage further purchases and engagement. 

Plus, celebrating the new starters joining your business can give your teams a boost! Shout about all your awesome talented people with an animation like this πŸ‘‡

company new starter animated template

9. Help customers get the most out of your products and services

It's also key to retain existing customers by helping them get maximum value from your products and services. After all, we know it costs as much as 8 times more to attract a new client than it does to retain them. So ensure your customers feel valued by sharing content like top tips, advice and inside secrets to achieving success with your products. 

An example of this is how-to videos like the one we made below πŸ‘‡ With Scribely scenes you can break down processes into a series of scenes explaining how to use new tools or a tricky process. 

10. Engage your community with competitions and quizzes

Last but by no means least, promote further engagement with your business by hosting regular competitions and quizzes. They could be just-for-fun or to be in with a chance of winning cool prizes. Either way, shout about your contests with animation!

Within seconds you can share exactly what your competition is, how to enter and any extra rules entrants need to be aware of. Our template makes a great starting point πŸ‘‡

social media contest animated template

There we have it, 10 different ways you can use animation to boost your business! Which ideas will you be trying? πŸ’‘

Don't forget, lots of the examples we showed in this blog are Scribely templates so you can use them yourself in minutes. Just log into Scribely or create a free account to get started πŸ‘‡

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