36 New video templates, new Scribely features and more!

Published on: April 01, 2021

New Scribely templates and features


We have great news... we've just added lots of new features, functionality and creative assets to Scribely! But what does that mean for you? 

  1. It's easier than ever to create animated videos that'll impress, get you that new job or pay rise and make your colleagues envious! ๐Ÿ‘€
  • Scribely is even more intuitive and therefore more fun to use ๐Ÿ’ฅ

Now you might be wondering what new things you can expect to see which is why we're giving you a run down of all the latest developments in Scribely you can start benefiting from today. 

But, before we get into the juicy updates, did you know that you can sign up to Scribely forever, for free? No joke! Just create your account here, and youโ€™re in. You donโ€™t need to have any design, video or animation experience, it's click, drag and drop! 

Create your Scribely video

New pre-made video templates

To help you make impressive animations quicker and easier, we've added lots more video templates to our library. These not only cover videos for holidays and events, but also animations to help educators captivate students and videos to help business professionals communicate and persuade. Let's take a look... ๐Ÿ‘€

Video templates for educators

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We have a brand new category of video templates dedicated to educators. So whether you're a university Professor, a middle school teacher or part of your school's vital support team, we have video resources to help! We've shared three of these new templates above but you can check out the full range by logging into Scribely or creating your free account. 

Video templates for back at work

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Whether you're heading back into your office or place of work this year or continuing to work from home, our new business focused templates will help you communicate effectively. From booking vacation time and logging expenses to COVID-19 protocols and new starters, we have you covered! 

Plus, there's a more formal style and a more fun informal option to suit your needs. 

New Scribely features

It's not just templates that are new - we've also been working hard to bring you brand new features and functionality that make creating videos even easier and faster. Lots of these developments have been because of feedback from our awesome Scribely community. We heard you and we're here to show you the results!

Check out the latest editions you can use in Scribely today ๐Ÿ‘‡

Gridlines on the canvas

Our new gridlines tool helps you accurately line up elements with each other and space your images, text and graphics evenly around your canvas. In seconds your finished video can be more polished and professional-looking. 
Just click the gridlines button in the top tool bar to turn it on.

Lock elements to your canvas

Now we know how annoying accidentally dragging your background image out of place can be, which is why we fixed it! Quite literally - you can now fix your background (and any other elements you want to stay put) to your canvas. Leaving you free to work on top of your background without moving it by mistake. 
Plus, locking your background image and then setting the animation time to zero means your background appears immediately in play back. 

Template previews

To help you find the right video template for your project, we've added handy HD preview videos to each of them. Just hover over the template you're interested in and the options to 'Preview' or 'Edit' will appear. Click 'Preview' to watch the full video quickly without having to load anything. 


Edit text on the canvas

Last but by no means least, we've also improved the way you write and edit text in Scribely. Now instead of typing in a text field in the tool bar you can type directly on your video canvas. Making it a whole lot easier to quickly edit copy and position it in the right place first time around. 
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So there you have it, all the latest Scribely developments and creative assets ready for you to use today!
To start using all of these new templates and features sign up for a free Scribely account. Or for full access and unlimited video creation potential become a Scribely Creator today for just $4 per month (that's the same price as one cup of coffee!)๐Ÿ‘‡
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