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4 wicked Halloween video ideas for marketing and education [+ a ghoulishly delightful emoji quiz]

Published on: October 18, 2021

4 wicked Halloween video ideas

Ghostly decorations are up, costume party invites have been sent, and Halloween night preparations are in full swing! With this spooktastic holiday just around the corner, marketers are setting promotional campaigns and educators are engaging their students with messages timed to the celebration. And that means us too...

Take our just-for-fun Halloween emoji quiz

So clearly competitions are one way you can capitalize on this popular holiday, but what are the others? We’re here to help you uncover your spooky promo potential with 4 engaging video ideas. No tricks just treats!

Halloween trick or treat candy giff

Before we get into the skele-fun of Halloween video ideas, don’t forget you can use Scribely forever, for free! Just create an account in a couple of clicks for access to instant templates, 8,000+ images, voice-over recording tools, and more 👇

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1. Teach the history of Halloween

Did you know animations are absorbed 60,000x faster than text, and they improve the amount of knowledge your audience retains by 15%? With student attention spanning from 7-10 minutes long, video is a great way to deliver learning that engages your students. Add some Halloween magic and your animations just got more exciting!

Why not leverage the spooky holiday by using video to explore the real history of Halloween. You could dig deep into the origins with Gaelic Harvest Festivals and the very first trick-or-treat, or explore John Carpenter’s film Halloween and discuss famous ghost stories in an interactive learning session.

This three-minute clip from National Geographic is a great example of a simple yet effective rundown of Halloween, starting from its roots in a Celtic Festival through to the Halloween we know and love today...


2. Boost sales with spookily good Halloween promotions and contests

Brands around the world use Halloween to drive up their sales revenue and engage their customers with discounts and contests, just like us with our new Halloween emoji quiz

Contests are a great way to drive brand awareness without directly promoting your business. Whether it’s a social media hashtag campaign to win something from your business or a count-the-skeleton animation incentive, adding some Halloween-themed fun and interactivity will increase engagement and drive up those all-important leads.

Another quick way to boost business is promo videos, and our brand new attention-grabbing Halloween promo video template is perfect for shouting about flash sales! It's fully customizable too - simply edit the text, add or change up the images, or even take it one step further with additional scenes to share more detail.

Halloween sale Scribely video template

3. Celebrating Halloween around the world

Use Halloween to open up a larger discussion and teach your students about other traditions in different cultures, like Día de los Muertos! Also known as Day of the Dead, this holiday is celebrated just after Halloween on November 2nd and celebrated by people of Mexican heritage. 

Take your students to Japan for the Kawasaki Halloween Parade where spooky celebrations have a decidedly adult overtone. This is Japan’s most prestigious event where over 4,000 costumed revealers apply two months in advance to join the festivities.

Pop by Italy for Ognissanti, the traditional holiday that sees cemeteries decorated with chrysanthemums to welcome back souls of the deceased.

✨ Top tip ✨ Using a tool like scribely, you could create a new scene for each country giving an overview on how and why they celebrate the holiday, complete with photos and festive GIFs.

4. Halloween-ify your products and services for the extra spook factor

Use video to position and promote your products in a creepy way. This could look like adding extra Halloween imagery to your branding or even changing up your product name for the spooky period. You could even offer a small promotional item or gift when customers make a purchase or offer a 'limited edition' orange version of your product. If your audience is less Halloween-friendly, this idea is great for adding an autumnal twist. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you use animation to promote it

Heinz has taken this to the next level with the limited edition “Tomato blood”. It’s the same ketchup we all know and love, rebranded with a new spooky-looking label that ramps up the creepy atmosphere. Heinz is also encouraging customers to share photos of their ketchup-(blood)-soaked Halloween costumes to increase audience engagement.

And there you have it - 4 ways to spice up your Halloween content! Run with these and you’ll be celebrating with scary-good results. To try them in Scribely, create your free account today 🎃

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