6 Impressive video effects you can create in Scribely

Published on: March 11, 2021

impressive video effects in Scribely

Ready to take your videos up a gear? We have just the thing. In this blog we're sharing 6 video effects that are not only super impressive to watch, but really easy to achieve too. 

They're so simple, you'll probably kick yourself that you haven't thought of them before (we've warned you!). So read on to discover our 6 techniques and then get set to put that inspiration into practice in your own free Scribely account 👇

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1. Reveal videos

Try building extra intrigue in your content by gradually revealing the main part of your video. It could be a new product you're releasing, the details of an upcoming event or a new team member. 

This technique is super easy to achieve in Scribely - just use the different shape options to cover your main photo or image and set the timings that you want. Then just download your video and use a tool like ezgif to reverse the animation. It's so easy but you'd never know! 

2. Layering shapes to create custom backgrounds 

On the subject of shapes, have you tried creating your own custom backgrounds? Again this is super easy to do but can look really sophisticated. As you can see in our example video, you can get really creative with colors and styles to achieve a whole range of looks. 

Plus, don't forget you can set the same shapes behind and offset in a different color for a 3D look as we've done with these circles. So get experimenting and have fun with it!

3. Annotated images

Now we love this quick annotation style of video. Not only can you create something like this in 5 minutes, but it looks really professional. In this case we've created an animated catalog, highlighting the different products available for sale in a room scene. 

This gives the photos new life and could easily be adapted to suit your business or objective. Just upload your image or images and then add text and shapes over the top to bring extra detail to the scene. 

4. Create your own custom animated memes


This is probably one of the most famous photos on the internet and we could't resist adding our own take... 😂 We all love memes - they're fun, engaging and can be incredibly creative. So why not take it up a level with your own animated memes. Just import your favorite funny photos and layer captions and images until you've got the perfect sassy, savage or silly meme - you do you! 

5. Quick jump transitions

Quick and choppy transitions can help keep viewers engaged with your video for longer. It provides something fresh and exciting for the eye to look at in between sections of video. 

Plus, flashing different colors or images quickly on the screen can help bring extra attention to you message and reinforce your points. To do this in Scribely just set the animation time to zero and the element (photo, image or shape) will flash in quickly. So layer a few of these on top of each other and you've got a full professional-looking transition. 

6. Your own interactive animations

Lastly, to spark extra engagement with your audiences, try creating interactive videos. By this we mean animations people can follow along with and pick their own journey. In this case, we've used the example of our work from home (WFH) bingo social media Story template

This template could be screenshotted by your audience and they can mark on which of these classic WFH activities they've ticked off before re-sharing on their own social accounts. But this is just one example, you can get super creative with this and tie it back to whatever is relevant and important for your audience. 

There we have it - 6 different effects you can create in Scribely to wow your audience. Plus, no one has to know it's this easy! 👀 

To create these effects for yourself just log in to Scribely or create your free account 👇 

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