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By Louise Greaves
April 08, 2021

  What is a video collage? A video collage is a fun way to display a collection of videos or images (or both!). Add some music to really bring it to life. Video collages let you portray lots of messages in a short space of time, perfect...
By Louise Greaves
March 18, 2021

Video and social media go hand in hand. Indeed, 54% of consumers say they want to see more video content this year. Video is a powerful tool for sharing your message across every platform, from social channels to websites, blogs, emails and...
By Louise Greaves
March 04, 2021

The pandemic has us all glued to our phones and social media. The trends of the preceding few years of digital detoxes and unplugging have been completely reversed over the course of the last year. 43% of social media users say they’re spending...
By Louise Greaves
February 03, 2021

In order to achieve a consistent look and feel for all your brand videos you need video brand guidelines. This is especially important if multiple different people create videos on behalf of your business. Having an agreed set of guidelines also...
By Louise Greaves
January 13, 2021

The animated GIF, a staple ingredient of memes the world over. But they need to be in your marketing toolkit too. A GIF is essentially a series of images that loop, but they’re oddly compelling. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves mesmerized by...