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By Naomi Linford
April 13, 2021

Who can resist a great GIF!? Whether they're funny, promote an important cause or are just plain random, research from GIPHY shows more than 100 million people use GIFs each day and we're watching 2 million hours of GIFs a day. Considering most...
By Naomi Linford
April 01, 2021

By Naomi Linford
March 25, 2021

  Hello April! Bring on the warmer weather, a whole lot of chocolate and hoppin' good fun 🐰 That's right, not only is Easter in April, but also Ramadan, Earth Day, World Health Day and more. Whether you're a teacher, student, marketer or...
By Naomi Linford
March 11, 2021

Ready to take your videos up a gear? We have just the thing. In this blog we're sharing 6 video effects that are not only super impressive to watch, but really easy to achieve too. 
By Naomi Linford
February 25, 2021

  We've got good news... In March, Spring and daylight savings officially start! So not only will your days get longer and brighter but all the beautiful spring blooms will start flowering.  Plus, there's a whole heap of other awareness days,...
By Naomi Linford
February 10, 2021