How to create a shareable video in 4 easy steps

Published on: March 18, 2021

Video and social media go hand in hand. Indeed, 54% of consumers say they want to see more video content this year. Video is a powerful tool for sharing your message across every platform, from social channels to websites, blogs, emails and messenger apps. One thing that shareable videos have in common is that they instantly grab attention and stop you scrolling past.

We’ve broken it down into four easy steps to help you create your own much shared video. Before you get started you need to clearly understand what the purpose of your video is. Are you looking to promote a business or service, explain a topic or entertain? Make sure your objective is clearly defined upfront as it will impact every step of the journey below.

1. Brainstorm ideas

If you already have an idea for your video you can skip straight to step 2, go you! If not here’s some easy ways to carve out some great video content. Check which of your blog posts are most popular, these would be great candidates for creating video recaps. Also, check out what videos your competitors are sharing, can you create something better?

Still stuck for ideas? Take a look at our blog on 7 creative types of video you can create with Scribely. Or use one of Scribely’s templates as a jumping off point.


2. Planning

Once you’ve selected your topic you need to plan the content. A storyboard is a fantastic way to plan out your video. 

Here’s our top tips for your storyboard / script:

  • Capture attention early, most people will only pause for a few seconds before scrolling past. So make every second count
  • Design for sound off. Add captions and tell your story visually
  • Think about where you will share this video, which size would be most suitable. Scribely has preset canvas sizes to match the most popular social formats (e.g vertical for Instagram Stories)


3. Start Scribing!

This is the fun part. You’ve planned what you want to say, so now is the time to get creating. Pick the most relevant images from Scribely’s library (8,000+ and growing all the time) or upload your own. Add some text, and adjust your animation settings. Add some music. Export and done!

If you’re looking to level up your video, try some of these impressive video effects you can create in Scribely. 


4. Get sharing

Now it’s time to watch your creation fly. Upload to your chosen platforms and watch the likes and shares tick up.

So there you go, it’s as easy as that. You’ll be creating shareable videos in no time. Get started for free today with Scribely 👇 


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