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How to create an animated GIF in less than a minute

Published on: January 13, 2021

How to create an animated GIF in less than a minute Scribely

The animated GIF, a staple ingredient of memes the world over. But they need to be in your marketing toolkit too. A GIF is essentially a series of images that loop, but they’re oddly compelling. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves mesmerized by one for far too long!

cute cats kittens GIF

Why use a GIF?

  • GIFs are really easy to consume and hold the viewer's attention for longer than a static image
  • It’s easy to guide the viewer’s eye with the simplicity of a GIF, meaning they make great calls to action
  • They allow you to tell a story in a few seconds
  • GIFs and mobile are the best of friends

Jungle animals bears and tiger GIF

Ways to use GIFs:

GIFs are incredibly versatile and can be used for nearly any situation. For instance to showcase an element of your product, a GIF could zoom in and out on a feature or detail. A quick how to GIF to show how to change a product setting. Animate your data to bring the fun to boring graphs. Replace your static quotes with animated ones. Or showcase your culture with quick glimpses of friendly staff.

forest John Lubbock quote GIF

The GIF above uses one of our Scribely templates, so you can personalize it in seconds. Learn more about templates here.

How to create a GIF in Scribely:

You might think it’s difficult to create an animated GIF. Well, with Scribely it’s incredibly easy, in fact you can do it in less than a minute if you follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Create new scribe or choose one of our helpful templates
  2. Give it a name and pick a canvas size
  3. Add your text and images
  4. Tweak your animation times
  5. Download as a GIF

Ta-da pink GIF

Ta-da! Your GIF is ready. You can also import GIFs into Scribely and overlay text or other imagery.

Don’t forget GIFs will play on Twitter and LinkedIn but not on Facebook or Instagram - for these platforms you’ll need to upload as a video file instead. GIF files can also be quite large if not optimized, so be considerate of that if embedding into a webpage.

Now with all that time we saved you, help us settle a debate... 


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