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By Naomi Linford
June 29, 2021

  Whether you'll be wrapping up the school year, launching your Summer campaigns or planning a colleague get-together this July, there's lots to be excited about. Not only is there a whole host of sport to enjoy with the start of Tokyo 2020, but...
By Alice Taylor
June 22, 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the global pandemic, it’s that traditional classroom studying is quickly being replaced with virtual learning. With more than 58% of people using digital video to learn new skills, it’s never been more...
By Louise Greaves
June 15, 2021

Where’s the first place you turn when you need to learn how to do something new? Whether it’s how to work a new product you’ve purchased or how to pronounce a complicated place name, I’m betting you look for a how-to video. You’re not alone, 53%...
By Naomi Linford
June 09, 2021

Have you ever wondered why warning signs tend to all be written in similar fonts? You know the big serious often capitalized writing telling you not to swim in a certain place or be careful of hazards on the road. Well, they stand out to you...
By Louise Greaves
May 20, 2021

Let’s just whip up an animated video. If you’re new around here that might seem daunting or impossible. But with Scribely we can do just that in a matter of minutes. And you don’t need any previous experience to do it. You have two options to get...
By Naomi Linford
May 19, 2021

We blinked - it's now nearly summer and we're almost half way through 2021! 😲 We hope you've had a happy, healthy and productive first half of the year and you're ready to seize the opportunities coming up over the next few months... Because...